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Eternal Bliss

In a sea of euphoria, trees sway in the gentle breeze of wisdom and solitude.

Peace warms the night chills, while colors become vivid and filled with emotion.

Pain, suffering, despair all hover in the shadows, the sun piercing through the darkness like arrows whistling through the air.

Grasping for that last tendril of light, yanking on the drowning hope of tomorrow.

Breaking through the rough surface of the stormy sea, the waters still and reflect the lonely moon.

A gentle breeze carries a tune, filled with love and passion, strength and compassion.

Shadows turn to doubts, chased away by demons of the light in their holy war.

Darkness is consumed by the brightest light, spreading the roots of humanity through the sea of sorrows.

Forgiveness blossoms, as sweet nectar breathes life into the black and white memories.

Courage beckons like a single bright star in the night sky, leading the way to eternal bliss.



Love is Butterflies


Love is Butterflies

Love is butterflies,

love is eyes.

Love is smiling,

love is sighs.

Love is touch,

love is feel.

Love is passion,

love is real.

Love is surprise,

love is vows.

Love is birth,

love is wows.

Love is struggle,

love is pain.

Love is distance,

love is rain.

Love is birth,

love is try.

Love is lost,

love is cry.

Love is cold,

love is gone.

Love is frozen,

love is dawn.

Love is hope,

love is sighs.

Love is touch,

love is eyes.

Love is same,

love is ties.

Love is family,

…and butterflies.


When Dreams and Realities Clash


Oh how true these words are for me.

For as long as I can remember I have always wanted to be an Astronomer…well, actually an Astrophysicist, but whatevs! I had a full scholarship to Northern Arizona University and I had goals. But I had such a strenuous schedule my senior year of high school and I worked 25 hours a week on top of school so I was fed up. I decided to join the military.

Well, two months before I graduated I became friends with a baaaaaaad group of people. I started dating a guy and that relationship became toxic. I dodged joining the military and sunk into a depression. After 18 months of pure HELL, I escaped that life and found myself waitressing at a diner. One day this hot dude walked in the door and I knew I had just met my forever. We were 19 and completely smitten. Two weeks later we professed our love, and one month later we found out I was pregnant with our daughter.

My dreams and goals ended right there. Now, before you judge me hear me out. I had extremely high expectations and goals for myself. At 19 I was working 80 hour weeks (2 shifts daily) just because I had the stamina and I wanted the money. The day I found out I was pregnant, everything changed. My unborn child became the center of my universe.

For years I focused on raising my daughter and taking care of my husband (we married 6 months after we hooked up). I quit dreaming, quit reaching for goals, and I put all others above myself. I did this for SIX years. Then one day I ….. Woke up? Had an epiphany? Said, “What the hell am I doing?”

I mean seriously, what kind of example was I setting for my daughter? So instead of dreading my failed dreams and goals, I set NEW ones.

When your dreams and realities clash, make new ones! Life is ever changing. You are never destined for one path. Life is made up of hundreds, thousands, millions of paths and options for each individual to choose from.

So what did I do? I went to college, online of course! I now have two degrees under my belt and once my Prince starts 4K in two years, I will be returning for my Ph.D. in Psychology.

I have new hobbies now, too. I taught myself to crochet, I’ve become an avid cook, and oh yea, I started a BLOG (which I wanted to do for years).

I bet you’re wondering what the point of this post is…lemme tell y’all. Nevereverevereverever think you have failed in your dreams or goals. I think too many people dwell on their failures instead of acknowledging their achievements. People, that is not healthy.

Think of new dreams. Make new goals. And try, try again and again. Be flexible, be open, and above all else, *que cheesy music,* always believe in yourself!¡!¡

Now, y’all have a good day, and as always,

Reach for the stars!

Kindness…It Goes a Long Way


My daughter’s school puts out a digital newsletter every week highlighting upcoming events, special days, and important reminders. As I was reading through it, I came across this quote being shared for an upcoming charity event and it struck a cord in my heart.

How true is this statement?

No act of kindness, NO MATTER HOW SMALL, is ever wasted. -Aesop

Acts of kindness are often judged by the size of the situation. But in reality, every act of kindness means something. Whether you open the door for a stranger, help a person stranded on the side of a highway, or make dinner for a new mother and father, every act of kindness counts.

I think this fact is shadowed by all the hate, killing, and drama around the world. If every person were to commit just one act of kindness every day, the world would be a much better place. Yes, there’s wars in almost every country, poverty, death, destruction. BUT, one act of kindness can bring light to our darkening world. Sitting around watching all the hate that takes place solves nothing. Hoping, praying, and thinking of a better world does nothing.

Actions speak louder than words.

Understand it, promote it, live it. For such a simple concept, it amazes me how many people don’t follow it.

It’s amazing how the universe sometimes just “gets you.” While grocery shopping last night, my 8 year old Princess helped an elderly woman put her grocery cart up (she just did it on her own). Princess saw her struggling and without a second thought she walked up to the woman and asked if she could take her cart. The woman was surprised, thankful, and amazed that a child acted in kindness. A simple act of kindness went a long way, both for Princess (who does things like this ALL the time) and for the elderly woman.

Teach your children to be kind. Do one act of kindness every day. If we all make an effort to make the world a better place, one day it WILL be a better place.

In conclusion, enjoy this video of Random Acts of Kindness from around the world.

Random Acts of Kindness caught on film