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Eternal Bliss

In a sea of euphoria, trees sway in the gentle breeze of wisdom and solitude.

Peace warms the night chills, while colors become vivid and filled with emotion.

Pain, suffering, despair all hover in the shadows, the sun piercing through the darkness like arrows whistling through the air.

Grasping for that last tendril of light, yanking on the drowning hope of tomorrow.

Breaking through the rough surface of the stormy sea, the waters still and reflect the lonely moon.

A gentle breeze carries a tune, filled with love and passion, strength and compassion.

Shadows turn to doubts, chased away by demons of the light in their holy war.

Darkness is consumed by the brightest light, spreading the roots of humanity through the sea of sorrows.

Forgiveness blossoms, as sweet nectar breathes life into the black and white memories.

Courage beckons like a single bright star in the night sky, leading the way to eternal bliss.