There is always a ‘Once Upon a Time…’

Once upon a time there was a woman who had so many ideas, thoughts, and feelings running through her mind that she became Crazy for Sanity. Then while perusing through Pinterest killing hours of her precious time, she came across pins linking to websites helping beginners start their blogs (links to those helpful websites will come in a future post). That’s when it dawned on her…why not write all your ideas, thoughts, and feelings down for the world to see? She’s not shy, and maybe one of her crazy ramblings would touch someone in need, or guide someone in their search. So she set about doing intensive research and decided to start small and get a feel for everything.

Hello, and welcome to my new blog. I highly doubt anyone will read this, and probably the first few hundred posts I am going to make, but this is my therapy in this crazy, mucked up world. I am a wife, mother, daughter, nanny, teacher, doctor, psychologist, chauffeur, hair stylist, chef, magician, accountant, waitress, and referee to name a few job titles. I have two precious children, two dog-humans, and a husband I like to call my “man-wo.” We live a simple, slightly reclusive, semi-frugal life that I wouldn’t change for all the money, freedom, and Ferrero Rochers in the world (although a lifetime supply of Ferrero Rocher would be hard to pass up!).

I plan on filling this blog with crafts, advice, opinions, and of course recipes. Maybe one day when I’m rich, powerful, and have the most known blog in the world (hahahah, I can dream!), I will look back on this very first blog post, shake my head, and say TAKE ME BACK.

Just chillin' like a villian.
Just chillin’ like a villian.

So sit back, take a chill pill, grab a glass of wine, pop on some music, and fall into this Crazy for Sanity world I live in.


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